PhD Bartłomiej Dessoulavy-Śliwiński (POLAND)

Scientific Council of Experts UABE

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    Ukraine, 01001, Kyiv, street. Patorzhinsky 4/8
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Scientific Council of Experts UABE
Nationality: Poland

Current academic status:

PhD, assistant professor at University of Warsaw


1992 – University of Warsaw – M.Sc. in Economic Sciences, Faculty of Economic Sciences

1997 – University of Warsaw – Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, Faculty of Economic Sciences

Professional experience:

1993-1994  Instytut Przedsiębiorczości SA (IP SA, Entrepreneurship Institute)

Director of the Financial Restructuring Department, Member of the Supervisory Board at Zakłady Lniarskie „Żyrardów” S.A. (linen factory)

1998-1999 University of Banking, Finance and Management

Assistant Professor

1998-1999 „Olympus” Education and Business Development Centre, University of Banking, Finance and Management.

Chancellor (Administrative Director)

1999-2002  University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów

Assistant Professor

2005-2007 Skarbek University  (Wyższa Szkoła Handlu i Finansów Międzynarodowych)

Assistant Professor, 2006-2007 Head of the Department of Financial Management and Accounting

2008-2009 Uzdrowisko Konstancin-Zdrój Sp. z o.o. (health resort and spa)   

Director, Finance & Strategy

2013-2015 SIMS – Science Infrastructure Management Support Project

2014-2017 Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology (IAFB)

Advisor of Institute’s Director, Deputy Director Strategy & Development

1992-today – University of Warsaw

Teaching Assistant (until 1997), Assistant Professor (1997-now) at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. Head of the postgraduate programme „Real Estate Management /Facility Management”. Representative of the University of Warsaw at the Facility Management Project Committee (KT 315) of the Polish Committee for Standardization.


Subjects taught:

– Real Estate Management
– Investment Impact Assessment
– Facility Management
– Regulatory Impact Assessment
– Financial Crisis Management
– Development Projects Management
– Communication & Negotiation
– Financial Management,
– Management Accounting
– Public Finance

Research areas:

  • Facility Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA)
  • Circular Economy
  • Business Process Modelling

Foreign Internships:

Fachhochschule Heidelberg, Universitaet des Saarlandes (Germany),
IBM TJ Watson Research Center (USA),
Fraunhofer Institute (Germany).

 Social activities:

– Member of ARES (Association to Renew Research and Education in Economics and Finance)
– Member of PACFM (Polish Academy of Certification in Facility Management
– Head of Real Estate Market Technical Committee of the Polish Committee for Standardization.


facility management 80%
Passive construction 86%
ecology 75%