Providing UABE members with assistance in the implementation of their business activities by providing consultancy and training as an advisory institution, information and publishing activities, providing legal assistance and protection to members of the Association, representing their interests and shaping a uniform position in all matters related to their business activities.

Conducting activities for the development, promotion and protection of the interests of the industry sector related to renewable energy sources (RES), electromobility and related industries working for innovative technological solutions for renewable energy and mobile energy.



Influencing the development of economic legislation supporting the harmonious development of the Ukrainian economy, in particular in the fields of renewable energy industries, electromobility and related industries, cooperation with all interested entities in the scope of coordinating activities related to the development of: solar farms, wind farms, hydro power plants, biogas plants, bioethanol plants and incineration of biomass, geothermal energy, technical infrastructure, low-carbon transport infrastructure (cars, public transport, charging stations, low-speed vehicles, etc.), syngas production plant and biohydrogen.

Cooperation with other business organizations related to renewable energy, electromobility in the country and abroad, initiating the creation of so-called entrepreneurship clusters in cooperation with local government organizations and other business partners.

Supporting the process of economic development of the country based on new technologies, taking initiatives and actions aimed at raising the level of education, qualifications and knowledge in the field of techniques and technologies of the industries related to electromobility, cooperation in the development of energy storage technologies for the needs of stabilizing the power system, cooperation with universities universities and research and development centers.

Designing, organizing and conducting in cooperation with universities and academic companies preparing specialists in the field of ecology, including such as: ecological auditing, ecological company management, biomass engineering, ecological agriculture, renewable energy sources, energy construction, PV, windmills, hydrogen, biogas, biomethane, energy audit and energy assessment of buildings, trade in fertilizers and plant protection products, trade in pellets biomass, thermo-modernization to reduce CO2 emissions and trade in thermal insulation products.

Supporting the development of biomethane plant networks for the production of biomethane for energy and transport (Ukrainian gas). Support for development in the scope of reducing CO2 emissions. Creating low-carbon investment certification systems.

Supporting education at the level of secondary and post-secondary schools in specialties related to innovative ecological projects, such as: maintenance and operation technician, biogas installation operator, wind farm project manager, environmental protection technician, renewable energy equipment and systems technician and others.

Promoting modern ecological education, including through teaching on e-learning platforms, dual education, the use of academic mobility programs, conducting joint degree programs in cooperation with renowned environmental research centers, organization of internships in Western scientific centers and enterprises dealing with ecological activities, exchange of teaching staff with Western European and American institutes , including the organization of a series of classes with the participation of visiting professors at Ukrainian universities.