prof. Vasyl V. Kostytsky (UKRAINE)

President of the Board UABE

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    Ukraine, 01001, Kyiv, street. Patorzhinsky 4/8
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    dr hab. prof. legal sciences

Nationality: Ukraine
President of the Board UABE
Expert; Ph.D. of Juridical Sciences; Minister of Ecology of Ukraine

Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, member – correspondent of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, deputy of Ukraine I, II, III convocations. He was awarded by the order « For Merits » III degree (1996) and II. (2007), diploma of the Supreme Court of Ukraine (2001), gratitude of the President of Ukraine (1998), diploma of the Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine (2004).

He has higher education: Lviv State University named after I.Franko, faculty of Law (1978), Lviv Forestry Institute, engineering – economic faculty (1990).

In 1985 – finished the graduate course of the State and Law Institute Academy of Sciences of USSR and defended candidate`s thesis.

In 1978-1987 – worked in Lviv Regional Executive Committee .

In 1991-1993 – Deputy of the Minister of Ecology of Ukraine,

In 1995-1996 V. Kostytskyy – a member of the Committee of women, motherhood and childhood  affairs under the President of Ukraine, Councillor of the President of Ukraine (1997-2000).After a political career, he worked as the First Deputy Chairman of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine, Deputy Minister of Finance in Ukraine.
As specialis, Vasyl Kostytsky gained not only national but also European recognition. In 1991-1993 – senior councillor of Ukraine in the European Economic Committee UN on environmental issues (Geneva city, Switzerland).
From 1996 till 2002.he was the representative of Ukraine in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council Europe and from 1998 till 2002 – Vice-President of the European People’s Party Groupe in the Parliamentary Assembly.

V.V. Kostytsky  is  a famous scientist. From 1978 he is on the teaching  job, at first in Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko, and from 1987 till 1991 – in the Lviv Forestry Institute. In 1993-1995 -the head of the Theory and History Department of State and Law of the Prycarpathian University  named after V. Stefanyk
In 1999-2001 he was the Director of the Research Institute of the Private Law and Entrepreneurship of the Academy of Sciences in Ukraine. He was the chief of the Research Center from the problems of taxation of the National University of the service in Ukraine, Director of the Institute of Law « The Institute of Air and Space Law».

In 2002 – 2006 – Head of the Institute of legal forecasts and legal expertise.
In 2002 – 2004 – First Deputy Chairman of the State Administration of the Judiciary of Ukraine.
In 2004 – 2005 – Deputy finance minister of Ukraine,
In 2006 – 2007 – Head of the Scientific and Research Center for taxation issues of the State Tax Service of Ukraine;
In 2007 – 2008 – Director of the Institute of Law “Institute of aviation and space law” of the National University of Aviation;
In 2008 – 2015 – Chairman of the National Expert Committee of Ukraine for the Protection of Public Morality;
From 2015        – until today – professor of the Department of Law and State Theory of the Kiev National University Taras Shevchenko;
From 2019        – the President of public organization International Environmental Academy.

Prof. Kostytskyy is the author of 20 monographs and over then 200 scientific publication, books and brochures on legal, environmental, economic and social issues, co–author of more than150 bills in the Constitution of Ukraine.
Vasyl V. Kostytskyy – is an active participant of becoming Green movement in Ukraine, during 1990-1992 – Deputy Head of Lviv Association “Green World”, 1992-1998 – Vice – President of the Ukrainian Ecological Association “Green World”, from 1992 – Vice – President and Academician of the Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences.
His life’s creed is: “Try always do your duty, and history will justify you, even if you fail”- T. Jefferson.

–    Order “For Merits” II degree, insignia of the President of Ukraine (2007);
–    Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine(2004);
–    Diploma of the Supreme Court(2001);
–    Gratitude of the President of Ukraine (1998);
–    Order “For Merits” III degree, insignia of the President of Ukraine (1996);
–    Honored Lawyer (1992);
–    Laureate of the annual Ukrainian program “Man of the Year”.

–     Ukrainian;
–     Russian;
–     English;
–     Poland.


–    author of 20 monographs and over 200 scientific publications, books and brochures on    legal, environmental, economic and social issues (Deserve special attention “Ecology of     the transitional period: law, state, economy”, “Banking system and foreign experience”, ”Taxation: economic, right, environment”,  “ Industry-financial groups: improvement of the law regulation”, ”The Economic law of the permanent concentration of the capital: the history of economy and Ukrainian realities ”,etc),

–    co-author of more than 150 bills in the Constitution of Ukraine,
–    founder and chief-editor of the economic-legal journal  ”Small and Medium Business”.


(Over 300 scientific work and 500 interviews and articles in newspapers and magazines, including 33 monographs, 15 textbooks and teaching aids, 17 methodical studies, 115 articles in scientific journals, 15 legislative collections, 39 brochures, 99 presentations at scientific conferences , 17 reviews, 4 comments on the Constitution of Ukraine and the Ukrainian codes and laws.)